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Saturday, February 25, 2017
Job-fair receives a wonderful outcome and an amazing connection with the community.   On Saturday, the 25th of February, Citizens of Los Angeles were gathered for a eventful and knowledgeable day inside of the Job-Fair (Coordinated by Interim Mayor Austin Vine) showed the recruitment and look into most of the governmental and civilian departments within the Government of Los Angeles. The event was hosted by Paris Utorna of the Channel Six News and was kept at a warm welcome and aswell as amazing coverage into the event. Parties attended goes as the following – Department of Justice, Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles Sheriffs Department, Department of Public Works, Channel Six News, and Rapid Recovery.
Saturday, February 11, 2017
Los Angeles County Job Fair! Los Angeles’ next job fair will be commencing on the 25th of February at approximately 12PM. Invite your family and friends as departments show you equipment, procedure and above all, offer positions to those interested. The following have confirmed their booths; The Los Angeles Fire Department, The Los Angeles Police Department, The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, The Department of Public Works, Rapid Recovery LTD and Channel 6 LLC and many more! although it is important to note that not all of these entities will be offering recruitment on the spot. Food vouchers will be handed out upon request by government departments. Each arranged participant will receive a booth along with necessary funds to carry out this event. Law Enforcement Agencies will be reserving the right to remove citizens from the premises due to inappropriate conduct. This event has been funded by Channel 6 LLC (A subsidiary of Utorna Industries), The International Press Association (A subsidiary of Utorna Industries), Vine and Co Entertainment Incorporated, The Los Angeles County Health Association, Morgan’s Auto center, Vecchia Restauraunt(A subsidary of V.I.S) and Uber. This event was also subsidized by the Department of Social Affairs.