OG-RP is a server using the San Andreas Multiplayer Mod (SA:MP) for GTA SA.

Steps to Join Us

  1. To get started first you need a copy of GTA San Andreas.
  2. Then download the SA-MP client from www.sa-mp.com
  3. In the software add a connection to samp.opis-gaming.com:7776 OR
  4. You then make a character name Firstname_Lastname in the connection box and then hit connect.
  5. After that, you can follow the prompts in-game to get started.
  6. (Optional) Visit our download sections for our OG:RP Mod Pack

Factions & Families

Factions are some of the exciting groups you can apply to be a member of on OG-RP!

Current Available Factions

More Information about families can be found on our forums